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Relax-Health™ Relaxing 5D Neck Massager

Relax-Health™ Relaxing 5D Neck Massager

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Product Description: 

Introducing our third-generation neck massager, it is the perfect companion to meet your neck relaxation needs. With its innovative features and advanced technology, this neck massager provides an unparalleled and vibrant massage experience. Here are six compelling why you chose our neck massager:

   Biomimetic kneading technology:

Our neck massager is designed to mimic the skilled movements of human hands, using unique biomimetic kneading techniques. This technology improves the effectiveness of massage and provides a deeper and more satisfying experience. Say goodbye to muscle tension and welcome the ultimate relaxation.

     5.0 Massage Nodes:

Our neck massager is equipped with an advanced 5.0 massage node, covering a larger area for the neck and Trapezius. The massage nodes are strategically placed on specific acupoints throughout the entire neck to ensure comprehensive cover of the cervical spine.

   Constant temperature hot compress:

Experience ultimate comfort through our constant temperature hot compress. The intelligent NTC temperature control system provides soothing heat during the massage process, allowing tissue to penetrate deeper and achieve greater relaxation.

   Long lasting battery life:

Our neck massager is powered by high-quality lithium batteries, which can extend its service life and achieve uninterrupted relaxation. With just one full charge (4hours), you can enjoy 7-10 massages, making it perfect for travel and on-the-go use.

   Handsfree design:

Our neck massager adopts an innovative shoulder strap design, allowing you to relax your hands while enjoying the massage. This unique design allows you to perform multiple tasks or continue working while enjoying a rejuvenated massage, breaking the limitations of traditional handheld design.

   10 minute automatic timer:

To ensure the best massage duration, our neck massager is equipped with a convenient 10 minute automatic timer. This feature allows you to set the desired massage time, providing a worry free experience without the need to continuously monitor your device.

Enhanced massage intensity: Enhanced massage intensity can provide excellent relaxation effects comparable to the techniques used by professional massage therapists. Experience the ultimate relief of neck muscles.
Lightweight and comfortable: Our neck massager  with a compact design that provides greater portability and a comfortable wearing experience. You can use it easily and comfortably anywhere.
Wireless and rechargeable: Enjoy the freedom of wireless massage anytime, anywhere. The neck massager can be used 7-10 times after charging for 4 hours, making it a convenient companion for long-distance travel or daily use.Detachable and washable pillowcase: Our neck massager comes with a detachable pillowcase for easy cleaning and maintenance. Durable materials ensure a long service life and provide you with a long-lasting and hygienic massage experience.
Enhance the softness of the massage head: The massage head is made of soft silicone material, providing a smooth and comfortable massage experience similar to that of human fingertips.
Multi-functional use: Our neck massager is suitable for various parts of the body and can be used to different parts of the body for a comprehensive massage experience. No matter where you are.
Product name: Relaxing 5D Neck Massager
Model Number: ST-350
Material: Composite Material
Application: NECK
Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Power Source: Wireless
function: Heat
Material: Leather
Item Weight: 3 Pounds
Power supply mode: Lithium battery
Battery capacity: 2000mA
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